Monday, April 5, 2010

Antonio Lopez Garcia

For my money, Antonio Lopez Garcia is one of the best painter of the 20th century, a master subtle tonal shifts and composition. I can never get enough of his work!

Austin Briggs

This chap is one of my all time top chap artists! He could paint, he can draw, and everything in between. Bold, delicate when needed. Austin Briggs, go check it out !!

These guys really inpsire me a lot more than stuff from today. As most know, computer doesnt do it for me anymore, I loath having to use it for art, in the first issue of FUCK IT there is a comic, line art etc, it needed flat-color to make it work. I used the comp to do it as I could not figure out a analogue way. It turned out well, but I would have prefered to have done it all and nixed the comp part.


J - Love his drawings, nice and loose, detail only where its needed.. good stuff..

Re: Bob Peak ~ Bernie Fuchs

Like his work, he reminds me a lot of Bernie Fuchs, I think they're both handling composition and negative space in a similar manner, a way that works for me. Fuchs colours and more painterly approach work better for me but that's just a matter of taste.

Yea Bernie Fuchs is another inspiration for me, and I do prefer his painterly approach. Tipped me too the Bernie post..bugger

It's interesting that this compositional style seemed to be restricted to illustration rather than gallery work for a long time. I don't see much as interesting happening in the 'fine art' world during the same period. Illustration seemed to be pushing the frontiers of composition and negative space.

I concur.... good times

Bob Peak

While Im here.

I get asked alot what artists inspire me, well one of the top guys is Bob Peak, simply a brilliant artist.

Elegant in design and style, yet keeping enough roughness to stop it becoming a soft focus bore. Great compositions, unique color combo's, all very inspiring!! Check out this link for a more art.

Dont forget to google him as well.

What do you think Jeremy ?

The Vectrex

As I wait for Jeremy to get settled in, well sign in... I thought I would start this new blog with an ode to the Vectrex.

Oh Vectrex, I still remember the day I got you.

Awesome gaming machine, some very cool games, really got my imagination firing. Check out the full story on the Vectrex HERE

JGAW Central Government

Is now in session !